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Paul Sawicki

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" Paul dedicated himself to CRH and its residents with such depth that his impact will continue literally forever. He edified many in Christ with his counsel and built them up for success in their life of recovery. Paul was tireless in giving his time and wisdom to all of us who needed him, and that includes myself. One of Paul’s strengths was delivering insight in a way that seemed more like friends talking than counselor having a session with counselee. Many of us will enter eternity and hear “well done” because of the contribution Paul made to us." 

  Gabriel Tew

   VP of Christian Recovery Houses

Paul Jude Sawicki of Wilmington, North Carolina, WALKED through heaven’s gates on Wednesday, July 12th.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, to Ralph and Caroline Sawicki. Paul was the first of 3 children with a younger brother, Matthew Sawicki, who passed away in 2006, and the youngest, Marybeth Jatczak.

Marybeth Jatczak (and Brian) have two children, Paul’s niece and nephew; Kaitlyn Jatczak and Austin Jatczak. Paul has two married children, Christina Brooks (and Travis) and Amanda Vitale (and Joey). His greatest joys were his 3 (soon to be 4) grandchildren: Elliot Brooks, Ransom Brooks, and Isaiah Brooks. 


If you had the privilege of knowing Paul, you know that while his life was boldly marked by incredible hurdles, he perpetually lived to encourage, love, and point others to Christ. Paul was the owner of Godspeed Motorsports and went on to start numerous ministries to offer free or affordable car care for widows and single mothers. Always concerned with others, Paul’s heart was to love others in the midst of hardship which ultimately led him to becoming a substance abuse counselor.


We’re choosing to honor Paul’s extensive work and ministry to the substance abuse realm in lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate gifts sent to Christian Recovery House in Wilmington where Paul worked, volunteered, and poured himself out to help others overcome addiction and find reconciliation through Christ’s love. Paul is no longer bound by a wheelchair, but is home, whole, and we rejoice in Paul being made new. The fruit of Paul’s faithfulness leaves behind a legacy of generational Christ-followers and we excitedly await the day we are all reunited will hear Paul say “YEAH BABY!”.

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