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The Program and Admission

Residents of Christian Recovery Houses will now embrace a new model of living, a model that depends not on the weakness of the flesh...but on the strength of the Spirit.  CRH combines Christ-centered 12-step meetings, in-house Christian education, peer accountability, church services, and mentorship to plant individuals deeply in a sober life with Christ.  The program is comprised of 3 phases, with increasing freedom and responsibility as residents remain in the program and prayerfully grow more mature in their faith and sobriety.  Christ and honesty is the foundation of our program.

The Program

CRH currently uses a variety of resources to aid in our residents’ 



Residents will attend Christ-based church services at least once a week.  CRH's home church is  Port City Church

Celebrate Recovery

A Christ-centered 12-step program developed and proven as a spiritual guide to recovery.  Celebrate Recovery

AA& NA Meetings

AA & NA meetings are available and are an option for residents who wish to attend in addition to Celebrate Recovery.    


Being meaningfully employed and fiscally responsible is a foundation of our program and a piece of preparedness for a sober life.

Weekly Bible Study

Refuge at Port City Community/ PC3Residents will participate in a weekly Bible study that addresses the issues that face a believer in recovery.  Refuge

Nightly Accountability

A daily evaluation and moment of prayer with another house member is required before calling it a night at CRH.

Weekly House Meetings

Residents will meet weekly to discuss house matters and report on their adherence to program standards.

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