Our Team. Board. Volunteers.

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve…” Mark 10:45

Gabriel Tew

CRH Program Director



Email:  gabriel@christianrecoveryhouses.org

Phone:  910.800-0078

Amy Dibble

Women's Program Coordinator



Email:  amy@christianrecoveryhouses.org

Phone:  910.409-1840

Brian Green

Men's Program Coordinator



Email:  brian@christianrecoveryhouses.org

Phone:  910.409-8193

Board Members 2021 -2022


CJ Blankenship linked in.jpg
CJ Blankenship, CPA



Pastor Gabe Tew


Vice President

Sharlene Tew


Bill Kish

CRH Board Member

Claude E. Blankenship, CPA


CRH Board Member

Linda Kish
CRH Board Member
Dermot Gibney


CRH Board Member



Amanda Blankenship bookeeper.jpg
Amanda Blankenship


Bookkeeping, Support Services

Gean Seay


Bookkeeing, Support Services