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Man in recovery

Donate. Sponsor.


For donations more than $500, please mail a check to:
PO Box 3481, Wilmington, NC 28406.  

Paypal does collect a small fee for their secure services which would come out of your donation.

 Easy ways to 
    Respond & Engage

SPONSORS are at the core of recovery.  If you or someone you love has struggled with addiction, you know that having someone walking side by side with another in recovery is second only to the healing power of Jesus Christ.  Ecclesiastes 4:12 tells us that two are better than one and when one falls, it is good to have another to lift him up.  Sponsors lift up their brothers and sisters when they fall and also keep them from succumbing to attacks!  When Jesus walked this earth He didn’t spend his time with the rich and famous, He sought out and ministered to the fallen, the lost and the disenfranchised.  At CRH, we are bringing hope to the needy, addicted and destitute.  


Will you walk like Jesus and be a CRH Sponsor, standing strong against addiction’s attacks with your brothers and sisters in need?

Prayer Sponsors

The reality is the one thing we desire the most is your prayers, and they work.  This ministry belongs to God, and He has always provided.  Pray for CRH.

Bed Sponsors

$100 a month on automatic payment pays the cost of a bed for an entire week.  This is the week that may literally save a life.

Sweet Dreams Sponsors

$50 a month on automatic payment a month on automatic payment helps a CRH resident realize the dream of their new sober life with Christ by underwriting our core program entry costs.

Pillow Sponsors

$10 a month on automatic payment helps support the additional services we provide including house supplies, food ... and pillows of course!

CRH understands that this is a gift subscribtion.  You may cancel at anytime for any reason without penality.  The subscription option is for your convenience for you to set up a donation and not need to remember to donate each month.  


This is a great option for Bed and Pillow Sponsors.

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